Access Control

Safeguard your Business

The Benefits of Access Control

Advantage Security offers a variety of access control options so that we can deliver the right equipment, products, and technology for each unique installation. Our access control management solutions allow you to control, track, and manage access to any facility for improved employee and visitor management.

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Wireless Door Locks

Wireless Door Locks are primarily used on interior doors to extend access control deeper into the building in a cost effective way. These locks are commonly used for multi-tenant sites, educational facilities, and lease office spaces.

Proximity credentials

we provide Printable ID cards, key chain FOBs, and customizable encryptions to suit all your security level needs.

Mobile Credentials

We provide highly secure credentials that are managed through the cloud and can be issued, replaced, and disabled by anyone with a smartphone.

On-Premise System

Our On-Premise System completely oversees your infrastructure, maintains control of security and backups, updates your system when need be, and requires no annual hosting cost.

Biometric Authentication

Our biometric authentication uses your biological characteristics to gain access to an entry point of your facility. Our system uses fingerprints, retina scanners, iris scanners, and facial recognition tools as means of entry access. These are commonly used in high security applications like hospitals, government facilities, and utility cooperatives.

Cloud Based System

You can Easily manage and access your security systems from anywhere, using any device, as well as receive automatic updates. If you have multiple sites being secured, all can be accessed on the same device, from anywhere.