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Peak Innovation Center

The newly installed access control system at the Peak Innovation Center provides advanced security measures that effectively manage and monitor entry points throughout the facility. By employing modern authentication methods such as biometric identification and smart card technology, the system ensures that only authorized individuals can gain access to designated areas. This not only safeguards the premises from unauthorized entry, but also provides a comprehensive record of access activities for improved accountability and incident response.

Complementing the access control system, the surveillance system at The Peak Innovation Center employs the latest advancements in video monitoring and analytics. High-definition cameras strategically placed throughout the facility capture detailed footage of various areas, enhancing situational awareness, and aiding in the prevention and investigation of security incidents. Advanced video analytics algorithms help identify suspicious activities, unauthorized access attempts, or other potential risks in real-time, enabling prompt response and mitigating potential threats.

Southside High School

This project entailed the comprehensive installation and implementation of access control and surveillance systems at the Southside Arena located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The objective was to enhance the security infrastructure of the arena and provide a safe and secure environment for visitors, staff, and assets. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the installation optimizes access management and monitoring capabilities while also ensuring the privacy and protection of individuals and property within the facility.

The installation of access control and surveillance systems at the Southside Arena significantly enhances the security posture of the facility. The integrated systems offer real-time monitoring, access control management, and incident response capabilities, helping to prevent security breaches, reduce risks, and ensure the smooth operation of the arena.

Lyon College

At lyon college, we installed an updated access control system that aimed to replace their outdated and obsolete system. The primary objective of this project was to enhance the security and streamline the access management process at Lyon College. The previous system had become unreliable, which posed potential risks to the campus community. Our team recognized the need for an upgraded access control system that would incorporate advanced features and robust security measures, aligning with Lyon College’s commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for its students, faculty, and staff.

The updated access control system implemented at Lyon College boasts a range of advanced features including state-of-the-art smart key authentication, remote monitoring capabilities, and customizable access levels tailored to specific areas and individuals on campus. Students, faculty, and staff now benefit from a streamlined access process, reduced waiting times, and increased peace of mind. Lyon College can now confidently move forward with its mission, knowing that it has a robust and reliable access control system in place.

One of the key advantages of this project was the ability to leverage the existing door hardware, readers, and cabling, which were still in good working condition. By reusing these components, we reduced unnecessary waste and saved the customer a significant amount of money. Additionally, The system integrates seamlessly with Lyon College’s existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations during the installation process.


The Pentecostal Church

This project aims to enhance the safety and security of the church premises by implementing access control, surveillance, Security detection, and fire alarm systems. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert installation techniques, our team is committed to providing the church with a secure environment for its congregation, staff, and valuable assets.

The installation of access control, surveillance, Security, and fire alarm systems at the Pentecostal Church represents a significant step toward enhancing the safety and security of the facility. Through the integration of advanced technologies and expert implementation, we aim to provide the church with a reliable and comprehensive security solution.